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Devin Robinson


I Mean Business

To date, Professor Devin and Beauty Supply Institute has opened over 120 black-owned beauty supply stores and generated over $15 Million in revenue for urban communities.

He continues to serve as the CEO and Program Director of the Beauty Supply Institute and Urban Business Institute for nearly a decade. He has taught over 100 students every semester in his business & economics courses as an adjunct professor.

He is a former entrepreneurial columnist for billionaire Bob Johnson’s website and a former 7-year columnist for the Pulitzer prize-winning Daily News newspaper. He holds a Bachelors in Business Management, Masters in Business Administration but decided to abandon his PhD studies with few credits remaining. With his background in higher education and many years of trial and error he has perfected the methods required to succeed as an entrepreneuer through all of today’s obstacles.


My Services

As a an expert in many fields, I feel the duty to offer my expertise to those who wish to further themselves. Below are a few of the main services my companies provide for those with the entrepreneurial spirit.


Professor Devin conducts very compelling and out-of the-box training sessions on economics, social engineering and entrepreneurship. He has a keen ability to communicate his ideals and matriculate diverse, difficult and inexperienced minds.


Does your vision make sense? Is it feasible? Will it be profitable? Most new business owners go with a grand vision that sometimes lead to losses. There are very key things to look at and consider while going into store ownership. We help you determine if you are on the right track.


Our programs have dedicated course modules designed to help new entrepreneurs develop real world marketing strategies that will help their business find their audience and promote themselves in a profitable manner.


Our Urban Business Lending Group is a certified commercial business loan broker specializing in alternatives to small business loans, regardless of bad credit or other issues traditional banks cite to deny funding. We often do not need personal guarantees of collateral, meaning small business owners wouldn’t be at risk of losing their property.


My Brands

The following are just a few of the brands that I created to offer entrepreneurial assistance.


My Philosophy


I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate slavery. I don’t just mean the physical form either. I mean all kinds. I mean the financial, relationship and career slavery. I mean the slavery that prohibits you from living out your true self because you fear “loss” and you fear “losing”.

Many people focus on what they can lose and not what they stand to gain. Other people fear losing the battles to have to face while pursuing their abundant life. It’s not easy. So many people remain enslaved I understand fear. However, I also understand beating it.

There’s a process you have to embark on and conquer in order to find your true mission. This journey is often isolated to self-discovery. Mastering entrepreneurship begins with mastering self. Once you understand your purpose and potential, then you can better build an enterprise. This what I had to do. It is called “Organic Business-Building.” Your business is built on a reflection of you and your ideals. I am sure you can recognize these ideals in some our billion-dollar enterprises.

So I created resources for people like you: The Quitters! Those people who are ready to quit being enslaved and ready to live their true life with an enterprise that follows. Take advantage of the resources I have created and then let me hear from you. Stay focused and Powered Up and you will eventually find yourself building a business(es), lifestyle and reputation that you are proud of.

“I’ll keep working to help the black business owner…but you we also have to prove those critical of black-owned businesses wrong.”

-Professor Devin


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